ADA Transition Plan

Americans With Disabilities Act

Under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the City of University Place is required to develop, implement and update an ADA Transition Plan. The purpose of this plan is to evaluate existing public pedestrian facilities and identify the steps necessary to bring these facilities into compliance with the ADA. The plan at a minimum shall:

  • Identify physical obstacles in the public entity’s facilities that limit the accessibility of its programs or activities to individuals with disabilities;
  • Describe in detail the methods that will be used to make the facilities accessible;
  • Specify the schedule for taking the steps necessary to achieve compliance with Title II of the ADA and, if the time period of the transition plan is longer than one year, identify steps that will be taken during each year of the transition period; and
  • Indicate the official responsible for implementation of the plan.

Questions & Comments

Please email us your questions or comments on the ADA Transition Plan.