Any other staffing additions proposed?

Yes, during the staffing model research, we identified the need for one or two limited commission positions located within the police department to help address calls for service that require an individual trained in public safety but do not require a full commissioned officer. The position would have outreach functions with persons dealing with various types of crises. They would have enhanced knowledge of community resources to be an effective primary responder for welfare checks and calls about homeless complaints or panhandling.  Additionally, the position will be trained to provide crime prevention education to businesses, apartment complex managers, and homeowners to help tackle our property crime challenges. The position also would be able to handle routine reports, freeing up commissioned officers for higher-level tasks.

Limited commission officers provide a visible presence and perform important duties, but they are substantially less expensive than commissioned staff.

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1. Why is the City discussing a ballot measure to increase funding for Public Safety?
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11. Any other staffing additions proposed?
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