When will Imagine 2045 begin?

Imagine 2045 will officially launch during Duck Daze 2019 when City Council Members, Commissioners and staff will be asking the public: What is your vision of U.P. in 2045?

Stakeholders will be given additional opportunities to share their thoughts over the next 12 months. Then in June 2020, the information collected will be reviewed and analyzed to create a draft vision statement. That draft statement will be presented to the public during the City’s 25th Anniversary Celebration in August 2020.

There will be opportunities for public comment and revision to the document before the final vision statement is unveiled in December 2020 during the annual Christmas Tree Lighting festivities.

Residents are encouraged to visit a special “Community Gallery” in the Civic Building to remember where U.P. was in 1995 and what it looks like today. This trip down memory lane reminds us that thoughtful planning can make a community’s vision become its reality.

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1. What is Imagine 2045?
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5. When will Imagine 2045 begin?