How will community Input be collected?

City of U.P. staff, City Council Members and Commissioners will actively seek input from members of the community during popular events such as Duck Daze, National Night Out and the annual Christmas Tree Lighting.

Residents and stakeholders will also be encouraged to enroll in FlashVote, which will provide them with the opportunity to answer brief, periodic surveys and weigh-in on key topics.

This information will then be reviewed and organized into a draft vision statement for the City of University Place. This community vision will then be used to help shape the City’s Comprehensive Plan, the document the City Council and Commissioners will use as the roadmap for all of the City’s efforts through 2045.

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1. What is Imagine 2045?
2. Why is the City of U.P. Launching the Imagine 2045 Campaign?
3. Who will participate in Imagine 2045?
4. How will community Input be collected?
5. When will Imagine 2045 begin?