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Report Illicit Discharge

To report illicit discharge to the storm water system call the hotline at 253.208.7925

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Avcular, Nuri Deputy Director of Public Works Engineering/City Engineer 253.460.5446  
Coleman, Tim Construction Manager 253.460.2528  
Dhami, Manika Senior Engineering Technician 253.460.5406  
Ecklund, Jack Director of Public Works 253.460.5411  
Johnson, Chris Engineering Technician 253.460.5424  
Malone, John Civil Designer 253.460.2531  
Martin, Jordan Sr. Project Engineer 253.460.5417  
Noble, Brittney Administrative Assistant 253.460.2526  
Nutter, Don Senior Engineer Project Coordinator 253.460.2534  
Smith, Todd NPDES Coordinator 253.460.5432