Shoreline Inventory & Characterization

An early step in the comprehensive update process is to collect and analyze information and data on existing shoreline conditions. This information provides a basis for updating shoreline management goals, policies and regulations, and for identifying public access and shoreline restoration opportunities.

The Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report provides the shoreline inventory and analysis. The report includes a discussion of the ecosystem processes that influence the City’s shorelines and provides more detailed descriptions of the ecological functions and land use patterns along each shoreline. Accompanying this report, in Appendix A, is a series of maps depicting shoreline features and conditions.

The term ‘shorelines’ in this report refers to areas that meet the criteria for ‘shorelines of the state’ as shown in Map 2: Shoreline Planning Areas. In University Place, these shorelines are the Puget Sound Shoreline, extending from the City limits at the north end of Day Island to the shoreline of Chambers Bay, and Chambers Creek.

Map Folio (Appendix A)

Oblique Photos (Appendix B)

Also accompanying the Draft Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report, in Appendix B (PDF), is a series of oblique photos of the shoreline area in 2006, 1992 and 1977.