Public Participation

University Place recognizes that effective and thorough public participation is critical to a successful Shoreline Master Program (SMP) that fits within the framework of the City's Comprehensive Plan. The City is committed to an effective public participation process that includes:

  • Property owners
  • The general public
  • State agencies
  • Neighboring jurisdictions
  • The Tribes
  • Special interest groups

A Public Participation Plan (PDF) was prepared to identify opportunities for public participation throughout the SMP update process. The plan was designed to solicit early and continuous feedback from stakeholder groups as well as the City University Place community to inform the decision-making process.
The Public Participation Plan (PDF) identifies specific objectives, projected meeting dates, and key agency and public group outreach. On October 21, 2013, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 736 stating its intent to adopt the updated SMP. This concluded the local opportunity for public input under the public participation plan.  

Department of Ecology Review

The Department of Ecology conducted a formal review to determine whether the SMP and supporting documentation was consistent with RCW 90.58 (the Shoreline Management Act) and WAC 173-26, part III (the SMP guidelines). Ecology was required to have a 30 day public comment period. This period ran from May 8, 2014 to June 9, 2014.