Site Development & Right-of-Way Permits

Site Development Permits

A Site Development permit is required for any of the following activities:

  • Clearing
  • Grading or stockpiling
  • Constructing or modifying storm drainage facilities or drainage courses
  • Constructing or modifying roadways (including but not limited to sidewalks, curbs, gutters, bike lanes, planter strips, and street lighting)
  • Creating or modifying impervious surfaces
  • Any other activity that the Director determines may impact the right-of-way, adjacent properties, and/or sensitive areas

Department of Ecology Stormwater General Permits

Stormwater is rain and snow melt that runs off surfaces such as rooftops, paved streets, highways, and parking lots. As water runs off these surfaces, it can pick up pollutants that contaminate local water bodies.

The Department of Ecology uses stormwater permits to limit the amount of pollution that drains into lakes, rivers, and marine waters. The permits are guided by both the federal water pollution permit program and state laws.

Stormwater “General” permits apply to certain types of facilities that are similar in their processes and type of wastewater produced. See other General Permits that regulate specific categories of discharge, such as boatyards or wineries, which release treated storm/wastewater to either surface or groundwater, or if you know which Department of Ecology permit you need, go directly to their Construction Permit or Industrial Permit pages.

Right-of-Way Permits

Right-of-way permits are required for any work done in the City right-of-way. Projects may include a new driveway approach, trenching, sewer connection or other utilities installed within the City right-of-way. 


Along with the permit application, the applicant and/or contractor must supply a $5,000 street use bond or assignment of funds to guarantee the work is done to the City’s satisfaction and is maintained for a period of two years.

More Information

Visit our Applications and Forms page for checklists and applications specific to your project.