Long Range Planning

The Planning Division is responsible for the development and implementation of land use and environmental plans and regulations. The impetus for the development of these plans and regulations comes from our citizens, and County, State and Federal laws. The Division conducts research on demographics, land use and the environment to develop and maintain our plans and regulations. 

Public Participation

The Division cannot do its work without public participation, so keeping the public informed and involved is an essential function. With the help of the public and the Planning Commission (appointed by the City Council), the Planning Division prepares plans and regulations for City Council consideration and adoption.

State Growth Management Act

To comply with the State Growth Management Act, the Division developed the Comprehensive Plan to guide development for the next 20 years. Other plans and regulations developed by the Division include the:

  • Critical Area Regulations
  • Shoreline Master Program
  • Subdivision Code
  • Telecommunication Regulations
  • Town Center Plan
  • Zoning Code

Once adopted by the City Council, it is the Planning Division that implements the plans by enforcing the land use and environmental regulations. Certain land uses require public hearings before they are approved. Other projects require only a review by the Division to make sure they are consistent with the plans and regulations.

More Information

View the Codes page for current City Codes. For questions, email Kevin Briske, Community & Economic Development Director, or call 253.460.5405.