Water, Water Everywhere!

Along with the record-setting rainfall that we have received this year, there has been an abundance of puddles, flooding and consistent water flowing from downspouts, driveways, hillsides and into our storm drains.

Funny thing with water, it will always adhere to the laws of gravity and find its way to lower elevations around you, ponds, streams, and even the Puget Sound. As water runs off of your roof, driveway, yard and street, it picks up contaminants such as fertilizer, bacteria from dog waste, vehicle fluids, and other chemicals and debris, then it flows into a system of curbs, ditches, shoulders all leading to catch basins which then flow into one of our eight stormwater drainage basins. 

Take a minute and learn where your stormwater goes to by looking at our informative Stormwater Education Map. Help us keep our local environment, fish and wildlife safe and enjoyable for years to come.