Voters Support Fireworks Ban in University Place

On Election Day November 7, University Place residents voted to support the prohibition of the sale, possession and discharge of consumer fireworks in U.P. A total of 7,281 voters weighed in the issue, with 4,474 (61.45 percent) voting in support of the fireworks ban and 2,807 voters (38.55 percent) voting against it.
With the results of the election now certified, the City Council will now begin studying potential changes to the City’s fireworks ordinance. Any proposed changes will be presented through public meetings and, if adopted by the City Council, in accordance with State law, will not take effect until 2019.
“Although we enacted restrictions on the timeframe for discharging legal fireworks a few years ago, the majority of the residents who voted on Election Day indicated those restrictions were not enough,” said City Manager Steve Sugg. “As this process moves forward, we encourage everyone to stay informed and engaged so that we can craft an ordinance and enforcement measures that reflect the best interests of the community and preserve the high quality of life we enjoy in University Place.”