University Place Christmas Tree Lighting

Invite your family and neighbors to come out for a very special evening and community event on Friday, December 6 from 4 to 7:30 p.m. in Market Square for the lighting of the University Place Christmas Tree. This continues our tradition in U.P., with the annual Christmas tree lighting festivities beginning after dark amid the holiday lights of Market Square.

UP for Arts Holiday Gala & Auction

African safaris, an incredible Hawaiian condo, wine trips and much, much more are featured at the 2nd Annual UP for Arts Holiday Gala & Auction on Friday, December 13, starting at 6:30 p.m. at the U.P. Civic/Library Atrium in University Place.

“We have an incredible array of gifts including trips, cooking classes, artwork, autographed Seahawks and Mariners items, jewelry, baby/toddler baskets, woodworking, theater tickets, gift certificates and more, ” said UP for Arts Vice Chair Debbie Klosowski. “There is literally something for everyone (including yourself) on this list!”

Watershed 101 Workshop

Pierce Conservation District in partnership with University Place is offering a free workshop on your local watershed and how you can keep our water clean!


Bring your neighbors and friends to join you in Market Square on Friday, Oct. 11 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. for a special fall evening filled with food, drink, entertainment and fun for all.

Self Defense for Women Class

When it comes to self-defense for women, the best defense is a good offense. Get tips on how to avoid situations that may result in the need for self-defense. Learn some of the warning signs of potentially dangerous situations and how to avoid becoming a target. Get an overview of domestic violence laws and some of the legal implications that may arise from self-defense.

Hostile Encounters Class

Whether at the mall, out on the town or at the movies, this class will show participants how to prevent and defuse hostile encounters, while also mastering techniques to survive encounters they can’t avoid. Learn valuable tips on how to de-escalate difficult situations that might range from simply dealing with someone who is argumentative to protecting yourself in an active shooter encounter.

Instructor: Deputy Dan Hacker

Three Days & Beyond Class

Gain practical, valuable and life-saving tips on how to be prepared for a lengthy public emergency, including some ideas you may never have heard of before. Get insights into the kind of scenarios that could lead to a need for being prepared, including how to respond to events such as a prolonged traffic jam as a result of power grid failures.

Instructor: Deputy Dan Hacker

Advanced Defensive Firearms Class

Learn how to be a safe and responsible gun owner away from the controlled environment of a practice range. Discover how to respond to multiple and/or moving targets, high stress scenarios and defensive firearm tactics. Other key topics covered include advanced handgun manipulation and post-shooting etiquette, including how to safely and responsibly re-holster a gun. Even experienced gun owners can benefit from this class.

Basic Defensive Firearms Class

Whether you’ve been around firearms all your life or are thinking about purchasing a gun for the first time, this class is valuable for everyone.


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