Security Alarm Permit Information

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Question: Who needs to apply for an security alarm permit?

Anyone operating a security alarm system (monitored or non-monitored) located within the City of University Place.

Question: Where do I apply for one and how much does it cost?
Answer:  City Hall
               Planning & Development Services
               3609 Market Place West, Suite 200
               University Place, WA 98466-4488
               Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
               Thursday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Print off a copy of the application by scrolling to the bottom of this page and mail it to the above address. A permit will be mailed back to you.
Answer: $23, this is a one time fee.

Question: Where does the security alarm permit sticker go?

The sticker needs to be displayed on or near the main entrance to the premise where it is clearly visible to responding officers. The permit sticker must be displayed at the address listed on the application or it is not valid. Some owners post their sticker on a window near the main entrance next to their alarm monitoring company information. The sticker can be affixed permanently to the outside of a window or taped securely to the inside of the window so that the number faces outside. A main entrance door or other part of the premise may also be chosen to display the permit sticker. The important thing to remember is that it must be clearly visible to a responding law officer. NOTE: the street address should also be clearly displayed at or near the front of the premise.

Question: What if I move?

The permit is not transferable. If you move or sell your home or business, you need to contact the University Place Police Department and cancel your permit so you will not be held responsible for others using the alarm. Remove the permit sticker from the residence/business (Note: the sticker is not valid at any other address). The new alarm user needs to apply for his/her own permit and supply up-to-date owner and emergency contact information.
Contact information to cancel permit: 253.798.3206 or email

Question: Do I need a new permit if I change security companies?
Answer: No, your permit will transfer over.

Question: What is a "false alarm?"

An alarm is presumed to be false if the officers cannot find any evidence of intrusion or other unlawful act which might have caused the alarm to sound.

Question: What causes false alarms?

The largest single cause of false alarms is human error. Ensure that everyone who uses the alarm system knows how it works, how to turn it on and off, and what to do should anyone accidentally set it off. Everyone should practice using the system until they feel confident about its operation. Test your alarm system at least once each month to confirm that it is in correct working order. When testing your alarm system, notify your monitoring center before beginning the test. If you have any doubts about your alarm system, call your alarm company immediately for service. Another common cause of false alarms is weak batteries. Make sure batteries are fully charged or replaced on a regular basis. Check sensors, make sure doors fit well in casings, have animals contained so they do not set off the alarm, and do not leave balloons floating in the house.

Question: What if I accidentally set off my alarm?


First, turn off (disarm) your alarm. If your alarm is monitored, immediately telephone the monitoring company's central station and have them cancel the police response. Do not assume that the police were not notified if your alarm went off for only a few seconds. If your alarm system is not monitored and only rings locally turn off (disarm) your alarm. The 911 Center will only take cancellation calls from monitoring companies.

If you have a monitored system: Remember that no alarm system rings directly to the Police Department. When your alarm is activated, the signal is sent to the central monitoring station. There the operator contacts 911 dispatch and informs them of your name, address, and telephone number, as well as the nature of the alarm being received. This information is then transmitted to the officers on patrol who respond to the scene of the alarm. The role of the officer sent to respond is to check for criminal activity. NOTE: Your monitoring company is providing a service you pay for, and is responsible for following procedures given by you in regards to your alarm system. Call your monitoring company. Make sure they have step-by-step instructions on what you want done when your alarm goes off. Ensure they have accurate information of names and telephone numbers to call. Find out all you can about your alarm system and how to work with your monitoring company.

Question: What happens if a police officer responds to a false alarm?

Answer: You will be mailed two copies of a False Alarm Compliance Report written by the officer who responds to your alarm. If you find there is something different from what the officer wrote there is an area at the bottom of the form that you can fill out, sign, and return the other one is for your records.

Question: What can I do to assist the Police Department?

Cancel police response immediately through your monitoring company when false alarms occur. Make sure your address numbers are easily visible from the street, day and night. Make sure your alarm company decal and your security system permit are visible and easy to locate. Supply emergency contact names and telephone numbers to your alarm monitoring company in case you cannot be located at the time your alarm system is activated.

Question: How much are false alarm fees?

Each permit holder is allowed one (1) false alarm response within a six (6) month period. A service charge $57.50 is charged for the second false alarm during a six (6) month period, $86.25 for the third, and $115.00 for all subsequent false alarms.

Approximately 98% of all alarm signals are false alarms. False alarms cost you money. Help reduce the number of false alarms reported to the police by staying alert to potential problems with your alarm system and by using your alarm system in a responsible manner. The City of University Place and the University Place Police Department want you to feel safe and secure with your alarm system, without the concern and expense of false alarms. The goal is to reduce the number of false alarms that officers currently respond to, so that their time can be more effectively utilized responding to criminal matters and community issues facing us all.

Question: What happens if I do not comply?

Operating a security system without a valid permit is a violation of the City of University Place Municipal Code 9.10.030. Alarm owners without permits will be notified that unless they comply, the Police Department will discontinue responding to alarms that occur at the premise.

Revoked or invalidated permits: The alarm permit may be revoked if more than five (5) false alarm responses occur during a six (6) month period, or if a service charge is not paid within sixty (30) days of billing. Any outstanding false alarm charges will also be sent to AllianceOne collection agency.


For any other questions not answered on this page, please contact:
Leslie Wheeler
253.798.3206 or email