Cirque Drive & 56th Street Improvement Project Update

This is a joint project with the City of Tacoma and will improve the Cirque Drive/56th Street corridor between 67th Avenue (UP) and Washington St (Tacoma). The project will provide new sidewalks, bike lane, landscaped median and streetlights along Cirque Drive (67th to Orchard), filling in the gaps between existing improvements. A new retaining wall will be built near the 67th intersection. Sidewalks and curb ramps will be replaced and improved to current ADA standards along 56th Street (Orchard to Washington). A new pavement overlay will also be performed along 56th Street. Landscaping will be enhanced along the entire corridor.

Anticipated Completion: February 2018

Status: Retaining wall, curb and gutter, street lighting and grading for sidewalks underway.