A "Mashing" Good Time at the 23rd Annual Cider Squeeze

Hundreds of visitors enjoyed a spectacular day and delicious apple cider at the Curran Apple Orchard’s annual Cider Squeeze in late August. 

After picking plump red, green and yellow apples from the trees, squeeze goers washed their apples and proceeded to the press lines where they had a choice of riding a bicycle attached to a press or doing it the old fashioned way by feeding the apples into a manual or electric press.

Several people also sat back and enjoyed apple pie while listening to an outstanding bluegrass performance by the Sunset Bible Bluegrass Band. Johnny Appleseed handed out apple suckers to visitors while the Big Apple delighted youngsters. The UP Historical Society presented information about the Curran House along with recipes from years past.  

The orchard’s original owners and creators, Mary and Charles Curran, were also present in spirit at the UP for Arts booth. Although both of the Currans have passed away, their legacy will continue in yet another way.

The UP for Arts booth featured a large photo of the Currans with their two horses, Christopher and Brewster.  In honor of the orchard’s 25th anniversary as a community park next year, the arts group has launched a fundraising campaign to commission a life-size bronze sculpture of a little girl offering a horse an apple. “Many long-time residents have fond memories of feeding apples to the Curran’s horses,” said UP for Arts member Debbie Klosowski. “This sculpture is a wonderful way to remind us of UP’s agricultural past as well as the orchard’s role in bringing people together over the years.”

For more information on the project, visit www.upforarts.org and don't forgt to check out photos from this year's Cider Squeeze.

The 23rd annual Cider Squeeze was a huge success thanks to the efforts of many people:
*CORE (Curran Orchard Resource Enthusiasts) volunteer group: Karen, Reg and Abbie Fennell, Gretchen Buck; Bob Bennett; Kris Docherty; Lori Forrest; Sue Gurley; Bill Horn; Rick Mercier; Kayla Stewart; Robert and Ian Sweet; Larry Warwick; Jill Worthington and Patti Hemphill. 

*Outstanding community volunteers including numerous students from Curtis High School, Sound Community Bank, Charles Williams, Rachid Tahiri and several military personnel.

*City of University Place Public Works and Parks Department and UP Refuse

CORE also wishes to thank the following 2017 Tree Adopters for their support:

Alby Allen, Regina Anderson, Brad Andrews, Thomas Arter, Rick/Jane/Jake Bell, Steve Bradley, Kathy Brown, Yvonne Bryght, Gretchen/David Buck, Karen Burdick, Family Caswell, Mark/Darlene Cloud, Alec/Tina Coleman, Angela Combs, Kim/Trev Cookson, Robert/Lara Cooper, Jim/Donna Cox, Rachell Cozby, Patti Daily, Mike Davis, Jane Davison, Howard Dempsey, Lisa/Leanne Dickerson/Bailey, Kristine Docherty, Doug Durant, Jessica Dvorak, Reggie/Karen Fennell, Abbie Fennell, Michael/Teresa Ferreira, Joan Fleet, Amy Forslund, Peggy Fuchs, Stephanie Gaston, Stacie/Matt Gensic, Rebecca Givani, Greg Gooch, Justin/Tammy Graham, Cody/Stephanie Grey, Sue/Pat Gurley/Fish, Don Hager, Lee Haines, Daniel Hall, Jane Hauzinger, Patricia Hemphill, Nancy Henderson, Jim/Donna Hernandez, Chris Hoey, Scott Hoover, Ray Humphries, Andrew Hutchison, Johan Karlsen, Echo Keough, Brett/Anne Kiehl, Debbie Klosowski, Thomas Kucera, Fred/Getrude Langton, Howard/Barbara Lee, Peter/Coni Liljengren, Etta Logan, Chris Mantle, Emma Martelli, Robert Mohr, Margaret/Matthew Morovec, Co-op Preschool Narrows, Scot/Katrina Neff, Pat Orrino, Sarah Oyster, Linda Patten, David/Leslie Pearson, Stark Porter, Maryellen Priedeman, Ann Read, James Rifenbury, Robert/Marie Robinson, Chuck/Jane Robinson, Nellie Sharp, Laura Stamm, Tony/Dianne Stefanko, Jay Stricherz, Amber Taulbee, Steve/Pat Thompson, Janice Thornberg, Cheryl Torem, Katie Vienneau, Steven Voigt, Jodi Walker, Chris/Heather Walters, Larry Warwick, Tom/Marcy Williams, Chas Williams, Bea Williams, Victor Wilson, Monika/Tony Wingfield, Robin/Gene Zellner.

Existing tree adopters have priority to renew their trees for the 2018 harvest season until January 1st. New tree adoptions will be assigned after January 1, 2018. For more information, visit www.curranappleorchard.com