Maintenance & Operations FAQ

Question: How can I address speeding in my neighborhood?

Answer: The City has several ways of addressing speeding in the neighborhood. Citizens can participate in a Neighborhood Speed Watch Program or request a Speed Trailer.  For more information, please contact the University Place Police Department at 253.798.4058.

Question: I live on a residential street. How can I get streetlights?

Answer: We realize streetlighting is a major concern for our community. In 1997, the City contracted with Tacoma Public Utilities to place over 551 standard streetlights on arterials. Unfortunately, our budget does not allow us to place lights on residential streets at this time. As arterials are improved or reconstructed with decorative lighting (i.e. Grandview Drive West and Bridgeport Way West,) the lights from those streets will be moved onto residential streets based on prioritization and funding availability. In the interim, citizens or neighborhood groups can contract directly with Tacoma Public Utilities to have individual streetlights installed at a nominal cost. Please contact 253.460.2526 for more information.

Question: How often are streets swept?

Answer: Arterial streets are swept once monthly. Residential streets are swept one time a year.