How do you find out about crime in your neighborhood?

An important reminder about the pitfalls of social media

The 21st century is a technology marvel where we can learn the weather and the drive time with the swipe of a finger. We can learn anything we want – just ask Siri!

We have all become reliant on social media giants, and neighborhood ‘apps’ to learn about our friends, family and neighbors.

We need to be cautious about crime data and trends we learn from residents and neighbors on these sites. There are times when these incidents are exaggerated and reported, unknowingly by more than one person, creating a perception that crime is rampant in a neighborhood, or an area. This type of information is best left to experts and this information is open to ALL who seek it.

Your University Place Police team has had a thriving neighborhood watch program where neighbors and neighborhood groups (usually consisting of five-12 homes) come together and host a meeting to re-connect with each other, talk about neighborhood developments and invite the UPPD team to talk about actual crime data. We answer questions, address perception issues and talk through how to work together to prevent crime, and create safe and livable communities.

There are also other resources available to residents looking for information. You can visit the City’s website to get citywide incident updates (monthly) by visiting the Public Safety Programs page and finding the link to ‘crime data’ and ‘monthly calls for service.’ Residents can call UPPD (253.798.3141) to visit about concerns. When a neighbor experiences crime, it can be very upsetting. It is important for University Place residents to seek out accurate information, when these things happen, to better protect themselves and know what to do when suspicious circumstances occur in the future.

Be cautious of using social media as a good source for crime data. Leave that information to the professionals!

For information about crime trends, neighborhood watch or other city public safety programs/concerns, please call Jennifer Hales, Public Safety Administrator, UPPD, at 253.798.3141.