City Manager

The City Manager's Department receives direction from City Council and formulates policies and procedures which guide City departments toward accomplishing the annual and long-range goals set by the Council.

The City Manager's Department provides contract administration, executive support to the City Council and management direction and coordination for all City departments and activities in accordance with policies, procedures and at Council's direction.

The City Manager's Department also oversees policy analysis, intergovernmental relations, neighborhood involvement, and provides support to Council Committees.

City Services Reporting Project
The City values input and feedback from University Place residents and continues to work on providing clear and useful information to the public about City services. As part of the City's effort to develop meaningful reporting on City services to share with the public, staff solicited community input through the 2010 Citizen Survey and a series of 2011 focus groups. The feedback residents' provided was used to develop a concise services report based on what residents indicated they would like to know about City services.

Below is the final 2010 City Services Report, based on citizen input. The full survey and focus group results, as well as summaries, are also below for your information.

2010 City Services Report
Services Report Overview Memo
Final 2010 City Services Report

2010 Citizen Survey
Survey Results Overview
Survey Overview Presentation
Survey Final Report

2011 Focus Groups
Focus Group Report

Survey & Focus Group Follow Up Q&A