A Beautiful University Place is a Gift Beyond Measure

The daffodils blooming in the roundabouts, in parks and on street corners, which herald the arrival of spring in University Place, are paid for with donation dollars. They are the reason University Place is ablaze with color at the arrival of Spring.

A majority of the beautification projects in U.P. are accomplished through community donations and volunteer work. Attractive bike racks and waste receptacles that line Bridgeport were purchased through donations from citizens we call “Patrons of Beautification.” Patrons are residents who want to see improvements to our community and are willing to share their dollars to help make our city a more beautiful place to live, work and play. Anyone can become a Patron. ALL of the dollars that are received go directly into purchase of supplies and materials for beautification projects that wouldn’t otherwise be covered by the City’s limited resources.

Over the years donations from Patrons have totaled over $50,000! Sponsored projects include city-wide plantings of over 75,000 flower bulbs, the purchase of trash receptacles and bicycle racks, Christmas lighting decorations for Bridgeport and contributions to assist with the art throughout University Place.

If you’d like to help beautify our community, you can! From the Sponsorships & Donations page you can access the forms to donate to Patrons of Beautification projects or Baskets on Bridgeport.

Thank you in advance for your continued donations to these amazing community-supported beautification projects!